Health benefits of maize meals are known by most Kenyans, that maize meal has been a staple food for many years. Maize meal is a staple food especially in Kenyan traditional societies and modern Kenyan homes. Maize has multiple uses from preparing white porridge to preparing Ugali. Ugali is a food made from maize flour. Water is boiled and then the flour is added and stirred continuously until a thick lump forms. Heat is reduced to allow it to cook under low heat. It is a popular dish which can be eaten with vegetables such as kales, spinach, cabbages, soup, fried meat or milk.
Maize meal is prepared differently depending on the community or personal preferences. Some people fortify it with flour from such sources as millet or sorghum. Others mill the whole maize seed hence a brown flour results. Most of the maize flour found in shops is usually sifted, meaning the germ has been removed. This flour is white in colour and is usually produced in factories. Maize can also be cooked together with beans. Vegetables can later be fried and added to the maize and beans mixer.
Some people boil the maize fruit whole. This is usually called green maize. You can then dip it in oil flavoured with chilli and eaten. It is usually mouth -watering and very deliciously. Maize can also be peeled off its leaves whilst still green and roasted. It is a common delicacy in most Kenyan countries. You wouldn’t fail to see people roasting maize in towns and along streets. It is preferred for its affordability and convenience. Not only that, it satiates fast.

Benefit 1: Rich in Carbohydrates

Maize is highly rich in carbohydrates. Many people would prefer maize to other energy foods to supply them with energy. Being a starchy food, it releases energy slowly in the blood stream ensuring that you stay energized the whole day. Fortified maize meal is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is rich in iron, sodium and trace elements such as manganese. Porridge made from maize is also sweet and delicious. It is fed to young children and can be a good substitute for milk. It is usually prepared using milk. It can be enriched by adding margarine and sugar.

Benefit 2: Rich Source of Iron

Maize meal is a rich source of iron. The non-sifted maize is particularly nutritious because the germ has not been removed. It is highly nutritious and beneficial to the body. It is also protein rich. The endosperm is the energy store house. It is packed with high calories. It is often claimed that rodents will often raid food stores so as to eat the maize germ. This explains the dazzling speeds that rodents zigzag your room as you try to trap them. If you want such heightened agility and energy, a maize meal will suffice.

Benefit 3: Source of Corn Oil that has good Antioxidant Properties

Maize of course has other uses. In other countries, it is used to make corn oil. Corn oil is mono unsaturated oil that is beneficial to the body. The oil is a good antioxidant and does not solidify at room temperature; hence does not cause have cholesterol found in animal fats. Corn flakes are made from corn (corn is same as maize). Corn flakes are highly nutritious and a good source of energy and vitamins.

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